Tewegan Housing for Aboriginal Youth is an Ottawa-based transitional home for First Nations, Inuit and Métis women, ages 16 to 29. We provide a safe, culture-oriented environment where women can celebrate their traditions and acquire skills that will help them in life. We offer a wide range of programs and services including cultural programs, financial planning, outreach supports, counseling, assistance finding permanent housing and more.

Aboriginal culture is the mainstay of our mission. We believe that by connecting a woman to her cultural roots, she will gain the confidence, pride and community she needs to succeed in life, so she can truly come ‘home.’

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Charitable number: 864514823RR0001

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  • Tewegan helped me get through the problems I had and helped me move on with my life.–Resident Quote

  • This house gave me the confidence needed to pursue my goals. They provided me with safe housing, food and support whenever it was needed.–Resident Quote

  • I like that Tewegan House provides lots of resources to help you get on your own and that there is always someone to talk to.–Resident Quote